Yes, we can design a program for anyone; but we’re not for everyone.While determination alone is never enough, it’s still required. In fact, for someone willing to explore what they might be capable of, determination is table stakes. In short, if you don’t want it, there’s nothing we can do for you.

What do we make?

The most advanced training principles in the world, expertly tuned to the determined individual.

The advancement of sports science has accelerated exponentially, with athletes left floating in an endless sea of training modalities, nutritional regimens, and digital tools.Curating, combining, and optimizing all this stuff for individual athletes is difficult. It requires education, experience, empirical knowledge, and yes, actual intuition.It means you never stop learning, or applying that learning, because the second you do, so does your ability to move athletes forward.

What do we sell?

The absolute most formidable version of you.

We are not here to sell athletes a program, a membership, or journey of any kind. Those things are just fancy words for process.Our core product is simple: a more formidable version of the athlete themselves. A physically, mentally, spiritually stronger iteration of the original. Someone who can lift more, run faster, and generate more impact in the world around them.It’s not cheap to engage Al Ghul Performance, but when you consider the value of what we deliver, it’s a pretty good deal.

What do we believe?

Inside every person is someone stronger than they could possibly imagine.

It should drive athletes crazy that inside of them is a stronger version of themselves, waiting to get out.It definitely drives us crazy, because at Al Ghul we never see the athlete standing right in front of us. We see the athlete that athlete could be. You would be surprised how often we are left shaking our heads when we ask athletes how far they think they can go. It’s usually nowhere close to what they are actually capable of.For us, there’s nothing more fulfilling than helping them slowly, steadily, unequivocally prove themselves wrong.

What do we stand for?

Doing things you are supposed to be incapable of.

Fuck what you can do.Let’s spend a little time with things the world never thought you were capable of. There’s nothing inspiring about “living up to your potential.” That just means whatever you did was plainly within your grasp.If you’re willing to do what it takes, you’ll find stunned silence a lot more satisfying than “we knew you had it in you.”You don’t have to be a world champion to do this. You just have to accomplish things no one thought you could. When it comes to that stuff, we are the perfect accomplice.

What are we against?

Self-inflicted weakness.

It’s one thing when a human being who’s not terribly interested in progress makes none.It’s a different deal when someone who is driven can’t move the needle. They actually deserve to get stronger, faster, and more mentally capable, but the progress they make is negligible, and their level of satisfaction is, understandably, zero.This is what happens when you hurl yourself at goals, without the methods to achieve them. Wasted determination is tragic—a source of perpetual weakness.Weakness is the enemy...

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For the determined individual prepared to reach beyond themselves, we can say with certainty, there’s something astonishing on the other end. A version of you you’ve never met, who can do things you never thought possible. That self is there. Waiting to be realized.It would be our honor to introduce you.

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